Museum of Islamic Art to host poetry night for Palestinian cause


In light of current events, the Museum of Islamic Art will be hosting its annual poetry night on Wednesday – an evening which will center around learning and embracing the history of Palestine, in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Deputy Director of Learning & Outreach at MIA Salem Abdullah Al Aswad said: “One of the most important programmes at the Museum of Islamic Art is its annual poetry night, which highlights a different topic every year. Given the current situation in the region in general and Palestine in particular, we decided that the topic of our poetry night this year will be Palestine. This year will be different and will include classical Arabic poetry as well as Nabataean poetry, as we express our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Gaza.”

MIA’s Poetry Night: Palestine, the Land Story event will feature poets: Mohammed Ibrahim Alsada, Abdulhamid Alyosuf, Mohammed Yaseen Saleh, Essa Alsheikh Hassan, and Mohammad Saeed Lazeuh. Among the participants in this poetry evening will be Jassim Al Hammadi, influencer, and Qatar Music Academy.

Source: Peninsula

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