National Museum of Qatar to appeal to people of all ages

Doha: The soon-to-open National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) is set to attract people of all ages not only through its multifarious content but also with the varied features it can offer to its visitors.

“As you would expect, our team has given very careful consideration to ensuring a range of opportunities for people to interact with the Museum, so that we can attract the widest possible cross-section of the community. Our aim is to offer something that will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds,” said Saif Al Kuwari (pictured), NMoQ Deputy Director of Operations, at a recent press briefing.

From the surrounding park to restaurants to gift shops, the museum will be a must-visit destination when it opens its doors in March next year.

“The Museum is relevant to all families and ages. There is something to do for everyone. The park has great walking, running and cycling paths. The Museum offers a variety of family activities. And the wide range of restaurants will accommodate everyone,” said Al Kuwari, revealing more details ahead of the much-anticipated opening of the desert rose-inspired museum.

He said a stunning park surrounds NMoQ which creates a space that expresses the diversity of natural species that are native to Qatar. The park, he added, also creates outdoor areas where children can learn through play and exploration.

“Specially created playgrounds act as ‘creative spaces’ where children can discover crucial aspects of life in Qatar, in an echo of what they learn in the Museum itself. These spaces have been designed to encourage interaction with Qatar’s history and heritage both inside and outside,” he said.

The museum,  he stressed, is designed to foster a spirit of exploration and connection with a range of features and characteristics that define Qatar and its people. There are also commissioned artworks which adorn the park, one of which is “a monumental installation by French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel comprising 114 individual fountains set within the lagoon, with their streams designed to evoke the fluid forms of Arabic calligraphy.” The museum also has a range of facilities including two cafés – one overlooking the main lobby which will serve wide range of Qatari cuisine and another halfway around the visitor route.

“We are proud to say we are encouraging small and medium-size businesses in Qatar by engaging them in managing some of these outlets,” he added.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar