As the academic year 2019-2020 kicks off from Friday, organized by ministry of Education and higher Education in cooperation with various partners and supporters under the slogan “WITH EDUCATION WE BUILD QATAR” the campaign will also be extended to kidZania Doha from Sunday

It is being held at The Qatar Mall from August 16 to 24 and at KidZania Doha from 18th to 24th

Families and kids are all set and in a total rush to get back to schools and cherish the new beginning. Malls are crowded and every other store has some promotional deal or either back to school activities going on, parents are busy shopping from stationary to school uniforms while their little ones can’t pick which bag to carry for the whole year, BECAUSE IT IS A TOUGH DECISION, for kids , their bags speak for them. Isn’t it? Their favorite character representing their idols and their favorite colors representing their passion. Kids now want everything to be on point too so they’re all excited to reunite with their school buddies as they want their water bottles to stationary boxes to stand out of all!

Many shopping malls and hyper markets have started offering fresh stocks of school supplies with bold displays and some promotion offers.

Some outlets at shopping malls said they did not intend to announce discounts as these were the peak sales times they had been waiting for.

A salesman at a book and stationary shop at a local mall said “school supplies are in demand only a short period of the year “

Hassan Abdullah Al Mohammadi   , Director of Public Relations and Communication at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education said that the aim of the campaign is to enhance communication with the public , prepare the school students to receive the new school year more effectively and provide support to schools and educate parents and all those involved in the educational process. The campaign includes fun, educational, recreational, cultural and health activities along safety and traffic tips.