New central market to open soon

The Central Market at Al Sailiya which includes an abattoir and a fruit and vegetables market will be open in the next two months, a source at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment said.

“The new central market will be opened soon may be after Eid Al Adha and will include all facilities that people need like fish market, abattoir, in addition to fruit and vegetable market,” the source told The Peninsula.

The new abattoir will serve areas like Al Rayan, Abu Hamour and Al Sailiya and is equipped with all modern specifications to meet health standards as well as the technical standards and requirements. It will be better than current two abattoirs in Al Rayan.

“For a long time people are waiting such a central market because the current two abattoirs are unable to meet the requirements, especially on occasions like Eid and Ramadan. Also, the space in current facilities is very small compared to the number of animals being slaughtered daily, and the people have to wait in the same room where the animals are slaughtered and they have to queue up in open area to pay the charges,” the source said.

“In the last two days, two abattoirs under Al Rayan Municipality supervision received about more than 2000 animals for slaughtering. Also it destroyed 20 slaughtered sheep unfit for human consumption,” said the source.

The current two abattoirs are located behind Al Maadeed market, the slaughter area is about 42 square metres while the other one is located in Muaither area which has a slightly bigger space.

“On occasion like Eid and Ramadan, customers had to wait hours for the slaughtered animal to be ready, and we hope the new abattoir in the central market Al Sailiya will solve these problems which are pushing many customer to slaughter animals at their homes to avoid long queues,” the official added.

About the status of the current two abattoirs after opening of the new one, he said, “The abattoirs are operated by Widam, but under the Municipality supervision and yet we do not know about the exact plan for their future.”

Source: The Peninsula