Newspapers: Emir’s tour a success for Qatari Diplomacy


Newspapers: Emir’s tour a success for Qatari Diplomacy


Qatari daily newspapers underlined that HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani’s European tour, which included Turkey, Germany and France, affirmed the success of Qatari diplomacy in the face of the siege by its neighbours – who have long been betting on isolating Qatar regionally and internationally.

In its editorial, Al-Sharq newspaper said that the siege countries thought that closing land, sea and air ports and imposing a siege on Doha would one day lead to its subordination and neglect of its sovereignty, national decision, and independent policy.

However, Qatar has been steadfast and active politically and economically and at the highest levels.

The paper highlighted the diplomatic success achieved by HH the Emir’s visits to Germany and France, two of the most influential capitals in Europe and the world.

The State of Qatar accepts equal dialogue and Kuwaiti mediation, but it will never concede its sovereignty or independence and will not accept any dictates from the siege countries, which was confirmed by HH the Emir during his talks with the European leaders, Al-Sharq reiterated.

For its part, Qatar daily Al-Watan said that HH the Emir’s visits to Turkey, Germany and France reflected the active political role of Qatar and affirmed clearly that the wise political approach adopted by HH the Emir is highly appreciated by influential international powers.

The world has witnessed the wisdom, brilliance and patience of the State of Qatar under the wise leadership of HH the Emir, Al-Watan said, stressing the strong support of Turkey, Germany and France to the Qatari leadership in spite of the siege countries’ allegations and ongoing attempts to worsen the crisis.

The affirmation of the leaders of Turkey, Germany and France on the need to solve the Gulf crisis through dialogue and the need to end the siege as soon as possible after their fruitful talks with HH the Emir, demonstrated that the State of Qatar has managed, with great success, to present all aspects of the siege and its repercussions, ultimately resulting in more international support for Qatar, Al-Watan concluded.

Meanwhile, Arrayah underlined the political significance of HH the Emir’s tour in terms of timing and the talks that dealt with key regional and international issues.

Turkey, Germany and France have support Qatar’s position since the beginning and demanded the siege countries resolve the Gulf crisis through dialogue and negotiations to serve the interests of all parties, away from the language of escalation, threats, dictates and prejudice, the Qatar daily said.

Arrayah highlighted the developing relations between Qatar and Turkey in political, economic, investment and cultural fields, which reflect their joint positions on regional issues. It hailed Turkey’s firm position towards the Gulf crisis, which called for dialogue and diplomacy.

The Qatari paper also underlined Germany and France’s solidarity with the State of Qatar, their support to Kuwait’s mediation and rejection of the unjust siege.

HH the Emir’s tour stressed Qatar’s leading role at regional and international levels, and its distinguished partnerships with the world.

The tour also recognised Qatar’s efforts in combating terrorism and keenness on maintaining the world’s stability and security, which foiled the allegations and false accusations of the siege countries against Qatar, Arrayah concluded.