Ooredoo signs partnership with ‘Plug and Play’

Doha: Ooredoo recently signed a partnership with Silicon-Valley based Plug and Play, the world’s largest start-up accelerator and corporate innovation platform. This collaboration will give Ooredoo and the world’s best start-ups an opportunity to collaborate, to explore innovation and develop new ideas in Qatar and across Ooredoo’s global footprint.

Manar Khalifa Al Muraikhi, Director PR and Corporate Communications at Ooredoo, said of the partnership: “As a leading telecommunications provider with operations in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, serving a network of more than 150 million customers, we are excited to be working with Plug and Play to offer even more exciting technological innovations to our customers.

We know Plug and Play has a stellar reputation as a market leader among global innovation platforms, and we are delighted to be able to give our customers the chance to leverage both this reputation and the company’s unrivalled expertise for their benefit.

We hope entrepreneurs will also use this opportunity to leverage our considerable experience and technology through the multiple business units and creative, forward-thinking solutions Ooredoo is proud to offer.”

Ooredoo is an industry leader, launching cutting-edge technology and innovations that enable customers to enhance their own digital experience and be among the first to benefit from all the technological advancements.

The collaboration between Ooredoo and Plug and Play can bring even newer, and more valuable technology, business models and use cases to Ooredoo customers.

Having access to some of the best start-ups in the world, Plug and Play will help them become new businesses that can cater to the technology needs of Ooredoo customers. This is considered an exciting opportunity to bring further innovation to Qatar and other Ooredoo companies.

Ooredoo is committed to identifying and implementing new products and services for its customers, particularly in the areas of 5G, IoT, payment, blockchain, AR/VR, AI and personal assistants. With Qatar set to host the World Cup in 2022, there will be myriad opportunities for a mutually beneficial relationship leading up to the event and beyond, with advantages extending on both sides.

Ooredoo’s vision is to enrich people’s digital lives and, as part of its digital transformation journey, the company is keen to partner with the top start-ups in the world to create a better experience for its customers.

In another first, the agreement with Plug and Play puts Ooredoo right in the heart of Silicon Valley, where the company can explore new potential and identify valuable opportunities to further expand its capabilities.

“We are very excited to have our very first corporate partner from Qatar join our IoT and Mobility ecosystem. As the leading communications company in Qatar, they will bring an exciting perspective to our programs,” says Sobhan Khani, VP of Plug and Play’s IoT, Mobility, and Real Estate & Construction programs.

“Given that Qatar is hosting the World Cup in 2022, we are excited to help Ooredoo find innovative technologies to create a good experience for Qatari citizens and their guests throughout the next four years” he added.

Source: Gulf Times Qatar