Over 45 exhibitors to take part in ‘Biryani Festival’

More than 45 exhibitors are participating in an upcoming ‘Biryani Festival’ scheduled to be held on February 7 at the Hotel Park, Sheraton.

Organised by Four and One, this four-day event promises to be a great treat for all foodies and food adventurers, where skilled restaurateurs and chefs from the south Asian region will converge. First of its kind in Qatar, the festival is set to arouse and excite the gastronomic juices of the expected thousands of participants from 5pm to 9pm daily.

In all, 45 exhibitors will be showcasing their skills as over 100 types of biryani, including Mughlai, Lucknow gosht, Kashmiri vegetable, mussels, prawns, hara macchi, egg, harkmas (beef), Malabar chicken, Mattanjery chicken, Kayikka’s beef, Thalassery mutton, the traditional Afghani and Irani and others will be on offer during the highly anticipated festival.

The family-oriented event, partnered by Talabat, Zomato, Urban Point and QTouch Media & Events, will cater for vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike in addition to Biryani lovers.

Four and One Group partner Omran Al Sherawi said “Hosting this event is part of our strategic plans of partnering with the Qatar Tourism Authority in maximizing the tourism potentials in Qatar.

With a sizeable number of expats from the sub-continent in Qatar, hosting this event will help in further boosting community integration and cultural appreciation. Aside from this, biryani has emerged to be a widely accepted food by almost everybody, so it is natural that an event of this nature will help participants in familiarising with the various varieties available.”

Four and One Group CEO Fernando De Guama said, “Coming on the heels of the successful hosting of the Chocolate, Tea and Coffee Festival, the Biryani Festival is another way we are showcasing the rich cultural diversity of the residents of Qatar. The biryani dish reflects sophistication of the society and culture which goes hand in hand with Qatar. This festival permits restaurateurs to be involved and help celebrate the wider range of their exotic dishes and flavours that originate from their homeland.”

“The number of Biryani varieties is mind-blowing. Nowadays one can indulge in the savored experience anywhere in Asia, including Burma, Iran, Iraq, India Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East and Sri Lanka. In India alone each city has its own brand of biryani. The biryani dish reflects the sophistication of the society and culture which goes hand in hand with Qatar”. “The Biryani festival will be one of our success stories of the year as it involves mass community participation and government partnerships. With over 45 exhibitors our aim is to help boost the economy through business and tourism but in a fun fare way”.

The history of Biryani is as fascinating as its taste and aroma. Biryani, once connected, with royalty is a dish that wraps the very essence of its rich and long history within its layers of pleasure.

The Mughlai cuisine that India is famous for was developed in the 15th century during the reign of the Mughals. The Mughals who had rich taste buds, raised cooking in India to an art form, introducing several recipes to the subcontinent that included biryani, pilaf, and kebabs among others.

The word “biryani” comes from the Persian word “birian” which means “fried before cooking.” One could conclude that the biryani originated in Persia (modern day Iran).

Whatever the origin biryani remains a favorite across the world, it transcends man-made frontiers and has swayed both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with its tantalising taste and aroma.

The entry-free event will also feature celebrity oriental chefs, competitions, games and a kid’s play zone.

Source: The Peninsula