Patric Rozario’s exhibition at INDEX Qatar 2018

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On 13,14 & 15th November, MasterCraftsman Patric Rozario will be showcasing two of his creations at INDEX Qatar 2018.
1. Artistic Metal Panels

2. Pearlappetite

ARTISTIC METAL PANELS (AMP) are artistically created bespoke Aluminum coverings conceived and created to lavishly decorate interiors and to rejuvenate the concept of living well.

These AMP has brilliant designs, beauty, colour and versatility that grow to encompass the ceaseless demands of clever, insightful and imaginative interior designers, fit-out consultants and architects.

PEARLAPPETITE are creations on ceramic or glass plate, studded with pearls, gems and Swarovski crystals. These creations are envisioned to be an art collection for anyone who has the appetite to be a part of the beauteous nature of pearls. All of his creations have one common element – Pearls; praised by sea farers as Mermaids Jewels, they are the jewels on my art.

One can purchase these creations. During this 3 days exhibition, all his creations are sold for 60% less.

You can also view his creations at: