Santhiya Kandaraja

Name:  Santhiya Kandaraja
Date of Birth: 09/Jan/1999
Nationality: Indian

1.Are you a photographer by profession?

Yes, I’m a freelancing photographer.

2.Do you do photography for a living?

No, it is a part time hobby for me. Mostly I do it for my friends and friends of friends.

3.Since how long are you in this profession?

It’s been 3 years, I started it when I was in college.

4.What inspired you to become a photographer?

I always wanted to become a photographer. So, the ability to capture things in a unique perspective that normal eyes can’t see makes it extra special for me.

5.What Genre of photography do you do?

I do all kind of genres – Toddler, Modeling, Architecture and Food. But my favorite genre is Product Photography.

6.What is one known photographer you look up to?

I look up to Mr. Arun Natarajan (Product Photographer) based in India. I love how he uniquely uses lighting in his photos. He is a master of light and shadow in photography.

7.What do you think could be drawbacks of being a photographer as a profession?

My main concern is plagiarism and copyright issues. I see many famous photographers’ photo being misused on various platforms, without giving proper credits.

8.Did you go to a photography school or are you self-taught?

I’m a self-taught photographer. I read photographer’s blogs and learn their techniques and methods.

9. What helped you learning photography the most?

I’m my worst critic. I believe in practice makes perfect. I keep trying new methodologies, angles and perspectives every time I take photos. I keep myself updated.

10. How passionate are you about photography?


Every time I take out my camera, it gives me immense happiness. I want to take it as a profession and do it for lifetime. When someone appreciates my photography, there is nothing greater than that. This keeps me moving forward.

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