Rid Abdullah

Name: Rid  Abdullah
Date of Birth: 03/02/2004
Nationality: Bangladesh

1.Are you a photographer by profession?
Not Yet, But Want To. 

2. Do you do photography for a living?
No, It’s Just A Hobby For Now. A Dream To Do Photography For Living.

 3. Since how long are you in this profession?
Almost (1) Year Or Maybe A Bit More Than That.

4.What inspired you to become a photographer?
I used to love photography from my childhood. So whenever I took any pictures,I used to edit it without understanding anything & then simply  put it on my story. Then I used get a lot of feedback from my friends and they used to tell me to do better and better… and this great comments from people inspired me to take more and more pictures and eventually get me into loving photography.

5.What Genre of photography do you do?
I love to take all types of pictures but i like pictures based on nature and whatever attracts my eye.

6. What is one known photographer you look up to?
Well, There Are A Ton Of  Them :/ But If One, Then I would say It’s Alen Palender, Just Love His Style.

7. What do you think could be drawbacks of being a photographer as a profession?
I think the main drawback of being a photographer as a profession is not being able to buy the expensive gears required to take great pictures… and the mindset of many people is that they think is the camera that matters… But what matters is the effort given by the photographer.

8. Did you go to a photography school or are you self-taught?

9. What helped you learning photography the most?
Most Probably YouTube And Experimenting By My self.

10. How passionate are you about photography?
  I am very passionate about photography but I don’t have the opportunity of doing this full time due to educational burden  and lack of support from family,  In sha Allah i will do it full time one day…and i really hope i don’t give up due to lack of opportunities and support

Checkout Rid’s work : _rid_abdullah