Saeed Bin Khalid

Name: Saeed Bin Khalid
Date of Birth: 17-10-1990
Nationality: Indian

1.Are you a photographer by profession?
No. Electrical Engineer by Profession

2. Do you do photography for a living?
No, Its my passion
3. Since how long are you in this profession?

More than a year
4. What inspired you to become a photographer?
When I saw some Photography of my friend from India Who is doing wedding photography.

5. What Genre of photography do you do?
Astro, Street, Wildlife, Portrait

6. What is one known photographer you look up to?
Hari Menon from India
7. What do you think could be drawbacks of being a photographer as a profession?
Firstly its an expensive hobby. Exploitation from friends. Some friends invite for their party because we are able to help the capture the moments, Probably for free.

8. Did you go to a photography school or are you self-taught?
9. What helped you learning photography the most?
Some of my friends in a photography group named “Dohakoottam”. They helped a lot to learn photography. They are criticizing well my picture which is good or bad

10. How passionate are you about photography?
I try to learn about the lighting, and settings when I see others photographs. Am very interested to try with other brand cameras. I participate in almost all photowalks and photography Workshops.

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