Pierre Gasly to don custom-design helmets during F1 Qatar Grand Prix


 Qatar Creates yesterday unveiled two custom-design racing helmets created by Qatari artists in partnership with Pierre Gasly, the Formula 1 driver for the Renault Alpine Team.

Crafted by Qatari artists Shouq Al Mana and Alanoud Al Ghamdi, the helmets blend sport and culture in their intricate designs.

The first helmet, designed by Alanoud Al Ghamdi, derives inspiration from the flora and fauna of the desert, its nomadic people, and long-standing traditions. Using textures inspired by the sand, the colour of the Qatari flag, Arabic calligraphy, and the cultural symbol of the horse, the design is closely linked to the Qatari national identity.

In their dedication to making a difference in the local community, Qatar Creates and Pierre Gasly will put Alanoud Al Ghamdi’s helmet up for auction after it is worn in the main race on 8 October, with all proceeds going to charity.

In addition, Qatar Creates will produce a limited edition of three-hundred premium 1:2 scale replicas of the design that will be available for purchase on INQ’s website, and at all participating Qatar Museum Gift Shops, giving both F1 fans and art enthusiasts an opportunity to own a piece of the collaboration.

The second helmet, by Shouq Al Mana, artfully incorporates the Egal, an essential element of Qatari traditional attire which embodies the nation’s heritage and identity. The helmet will be worn for the qualifier and sprint events and will afterwards be exhibited at 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum.

This partnership serves as a testament to the country’s burgeoning creative scene and the strong connection between the sports and art industries. The event comes as Qatar Museums anticipate the opening of the future Qatar Auto Museum – an institution poised to become a hub for culture and innovation by showcasing one of the most vibrant and passionate car culture communities in the world through an unmatched collection of automobiles and engaging exhibitions and experiences that unite innovators, designers, engineers, collectors, and policymakers through a shared passion for cars.

The official unveiling of the Pierre Gasly x Qatar Creates helmets took place yesterday, coinciding with the commencement of the Qatar Grand Prix.

Source: Peninsula

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