PM reviews work progress at Ruwais Port

Doha: Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khallifa Al Thani visited Al Ruwais Port. The Prime Minister was briefed on the work progress of the port and the phases that have been completed. He also listened to explanations on the development plans for the facilities, harbours and berths taking place in Al Thakhira, Al Khor and Al Wakrah ports.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Minister of Transport and Communications H E Jassim bin Saif Al Sulaiti, who is also Chairman of Mwani Qatar, as well as representatives of the senior management of Mwani Qatar.

The Minister of Transport said the second phase of expansion of Al Ruwais Port, which was launched recently, includes 156,000sqm of storage space and is a new addition to the port and will triple its capacity.

“Al Ruwais Port is no more a domestic port, it has now become an international port,” the Minister told The Peninsula, after tour of the port.

Ruwais Port is now able to receive and export about 20,000 containers per year compared to about a 1,000 containers in previous years.

He said that the port has become a source of pride due to the number of vessels, increased trade and imports and exports. It has become a vital contributor to the economic development and an important player in Qatar’s renaissance due to the comprehensive development taking place recently.

The Minister said that since the launch of its first phase in January 2015, the port was able to achieve significant steps which have played an important role in meeting the increasing needs of the domestic market. It is playing crucial role in meeting the requirements of different projects being implemented in Al Shamal.

The Minister said one of the achievements is that Ruwais Port Market is playing important role in meeting needs of residents.

The Minister added that the new expansion will serve the port for next 10 years as infrastructure is being developed at the traditional fishing port, which is being expanded to add 300 berths and is expected to be complete by 2020 with all services needed for fishermen.

He said that the third expansion phase which will be completed in a year and a half and aims to deepen the navigational channel of Al Ruwais Port which helps in receiving vessels with larger cargo.

He said that providing integrated inspection platforms which extend to the back of the port market and cover main gates for the entrances and exits, has made the port global rather than only local.

Mwani CEO Captain Abdullah Al Khanji said that the port was able to secure a large range of the local market needs of foodstuffs, building materials and other goods since the imposition of the unjust siege on Qatar.

This strengthened its status as a vital regional trade port in the region.

He stressed that Mwani Qatar, in accordance with the strategic plan of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, would consolidate its achievements by providing safe and ideal solutions to its customers to achieve a stable and reliable supply chain to meet the growing needs of the local market at all times and in all circumstances.

He pointed that the second phase of expansion of the port would greatly help in the flow of goods from the ships directly to the storage area.

It will also help in facilitating the process loading and storing the goods into an integrated storage area, in addition to establishing a sophisticated customs platform that helps increase the volume of goods and handling.

On the capacity of Al Ruwais port, Captain Al Khanji said that there is no problem in receiving more than one million tons every year, adding that the port can receive all kinds goods such as cars, foodstuffs and others, pointing out that the second expansion of the port will be positively reflected on the suppliers and exporters in the country, explaining that all facilities and berths in the ports of Al Thakhira, Al Wakrah Ruwais, will be completed in 2020.

Development at Al Ruwais Port began in 2014. A plan was put in place to develop the port in three stages and to develop six berths to receive various types of vessels and commercial goods.

Al Ruwais Port, the second commercial port, is located at the northern tip of Qatar. The port plays the role of an additional access facility to promote the regional commercial shipments and to revive and invigorate the economy of the northern part of Qatar.

Besides the usual handling of general cargoes, the port is now handling the increased demand of foodstuff and other commodities.

Al Ruwais Port provides a ready solution by acting as gateway for fresh commodities from neighbouring countries. These also included frozen and chilled commodities arriving in reefer containers.

Al Ruwais Port has witnessed recently substantial improvements by Mwani Qatar in an effort to rehabilitate and align it with international ports standards.

The navigation channel at Ruwais Port is dredged to five metres, new docks are built at seven metres depth and six marine berths constructed at a combined total length of 1,414 metres, to be able to accommodate commercial vessels.

The navigation channel and port docks will be further expanded and dredged to reach 10 meters depth during the final stage of Al Ruwais Port upgrade project.

This will facilitate the entry of all small and medium ships and cruise ships, in addition to further trade expansion with neighbouring countries.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar