Police to tow away unattended cars parked in front of Hamad Airport

Hamad International Airport (HIA) has announced that unattended vehicles parked in front of the airport will be towed away. This comes into effect from today (April 8, 2018) onwards. The move comes in coordination with Ministry of Interior (MoI).

Many people tend to leave their car in front of the departure and arrival terminals causing inconvenience to other travellers. HIA has also urged people to not exceed the stay limit of 10 minutes in front of the terminal.

“To maintain the safety and security of our premises. We ask our customers to never leave vehicles unattended and to not exceed the stay limit of 10 mins. We will start to tow unattended vehicles starting from today the 8th of April 2018 in coordination with @MOI_Qatar,” HIA said on their social media account.

HIA boasts of huge parking facilities and people accompanying the passengers or those who have come to receive someone can use this instead of leaving their car in front of the terminal.

Source: The Peninsula