Pooja Shetty


1.What’s the name of your blog?

Ans: @sassymessymommy

2.Define Blogging?

Ans: Blogging Is a Powerful Medium for individuals to share thoughts and ideas , also to connect with others and positively establish their online presence.

3.What genre of blogging do you do?

Ans: Lifestyle, Food and Mom blog. 

4.Why have you picked this specific genre?

Ans: The main reason I choose these genre because Lifestyle is diverse and adaptable also it caters to wide range of interests such as food, fashion, beauty , home ,styling, motherhood , health, Tavel, personal development and many more .. also it focuses on various aspects of everyday day life, personal choices and interests .Also it aims to inspire,inform, share ideas and entertain the audience.

5.Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Ans: I Am Pooja Shetty , born and brought up in Mumbai, India. Native from Manglore. An ex Banking professional , holding an experience of working with Banking and Financial Sector for around 8 years. Currently a full time Blogger and A Mother to a adorable little baby Boy Rudra Shetty Saarsar, Married to the love of my life Ashish Saarsar. Moved to Qatar,Living in Doha since 2018, but the Connection from Qatar is since quite long, my Father stayed and worked in Qatar for around 24 years. Started my instagram page @sassymessymommy blogging journey on October, 2020. My blog is all about lifestyle, food , motherhood , fashion, reviews. You can basically ‘Catch the Glimpse of Everything’ in my blog. 

6.Describe your blogging style in three words?

Ans: Creative , Genuine, Authentically Raw 

7. What do you think is the best strategy that works well to get more traffic on your page?

Ans: I think Providing and Creating a valuable , engaging , informative , unique,  Creative and Visually Appealing and engaging Content works well for me to get more traffic on my page and also very important being real , genuine and staying authentic in your true self like as you actually are in real life works great. Because, Genuineness brings people together.

8.What does blogging mean to you?

Ans: Blogging to me is basically an act of Freedom that allows us to share our thoughts, our experiences and our expertise with a global audience while making connections across. Expressing through Writing or Pictures or Videos and also allows us to Learn, to connect, to be Creative and give us the Confidence and Opportunity to make a difference and contribute your part towards the betterment of society.

9.What inspired you to become a blogger?

Ans: There are two main factors I am inspired. Firstly,I think being a Mom inspired me, that’s why ‘mommy’ is there in my page name and Secondly,  people in my life who inspired me is my husband Ashish, my Friend Bushra and My Sister Pradnya they truly inspired me and also mainly the urge in me to do something made me to be active digitally and start blogging 🙂  and  I actually love photography capturing moments/ pictures most of the times. Also I guess pandemic played an important role too.

10.Which are the bloggers you look up to? 

Ans: Honestly, just taking one or two names would be so difficult to say, according to me , there are so many bloggers / Influencers , because each blogger whom I have come across in these many year’s of blogging journey each one has their own uniqueness and style and have something or the other to look up to. I Derive inspiration from each one of them.

11.What was your greatest failure and what have you learnt from it?

Ans: I personally think Failures are the epitome of success, I have failed so many times BUT I never misses the chance to bounce back harder and stronger. Failure according to me is learning from Mistakes and it gives me a new opportunity to be the better version of my self..and makes me more confident to face anything ahead. Every failure of mine was the greatest in its own way and I have learnt and evolved so much out of it. 

12.How long have you been into blogging?

Ans: I have been blogging since October 2020.

13.What part of blogging you think could be difficult to cope up with?

Ans: I think the creative part , bringing something trending, new and unique always is a Hard task. Keeping up with the trends is the difficult part. 

14.Do you think as a blogger you can make a change in the lives of the people following you?

Ans: Definitely A Big Yes, there were so many Instances where people have shared their experiences of how my recommendations have helped them or how they got inspired by the genuineness in me or my simplicity and sometimes they just simply appreciated me for the motivation and inspiration they derived through my post or recommendations. Honestly, all these feedback’s by people are so overwhelming and motivates me to do better each time and make me so so greatfull for all that love. Heart is full of gratitude always. 

15.Can you bring a change or contribute in the well being of the society as a blogger?

Ans: Definitely A Big Yes! I firmly believe in this saying, Change Starts With You, But It Doesn’t Start Until You Do. Ever since I had decided to become a blogger, a sense of  being more responsible and responsibility has automatically build up in me to make difference and to contribute my part towards the wellbeing of the society. Bloggers have the power to bring about the positive change in the society.

16.Do you think it takes a lot of courage opening up to thousands of people? How does it make you feel?

Ans: I have never been that shy or scared or faced any difficulties speaking up whenever needed , wether it is in front of 10 people or thousands. For me , facing the crowd it’s empowering. I think for me the confidence just comes with the situation or circumstances.If I want put something forward I won’t hesitate to. But it’s not the same with everyone. Yes! It definitely takes a lot of courage for many of them Because some people may find it easier and others may find it intimidating or difficult to face the large number of audience. 

17.Does blogging affect your personal life? If so then how do you balance it?

Ans: No it does not affect my personal life, I always keep balance between personal and professional life. 

18.what are the perks of being a blogger?

Ans: I think for me the biggest perks of being a blogger is meetings different people, with different mindsets , learning from them , networking and connections and another perk would be blogging offers flexibility and independence, the freedom to choose the topic and express it in your own ways is something I find really amazing about blogging. 

19.Mention three traits as a blogger that are needed to build a bond with your followers and consistency of your page?

Ans: 1. Being Authentic that is showing your true personality. 2 Creative by sharing high quality content. 3 Responsiveness by valuing time and effort of your audience for engaging.

20.How do you look at WUD as a blogger?

Ans: What’s up Doha is an amazing platform to know about the latest news , talents ,informations and events across Doha including entertainment, Fashion, Health and many other aspects. WUD also features Interviews , articles and reviews. Also I want to thank you What’s up Doha for choosing and Featuring me as the blogger of the month. Truly Grateful for that.

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