Qatar among world’s leading countries in tech adaptability: Expert

Qatar has emerged as one of leading countries in the world in terms of acceptability and adapting new technologies, innovation and system automation. As a result, the size of the local IT market is witnessing one of the fastest growth  rate in the region, which is expected to cross over QR4bn (annually), said an expert from the local industry.

Over the last several years, Qatar has been striving to transform its energy-rich economy into well-diversified knowledge-based society, to make it more sustainable. Moreover, after the unjust blockade (since early June 2017) the country has further accelerated the process of economic diversification, and has achieved remarkable accomplishments almost on all fronts, including information & technology.

Qatar has also been working aggressively in digitizing the economy. The country boasts to have achieved the highest level of Internet penetration, which is now bolstered with 5G networks. This has created favourable conditions for the rapid growth of IT sector.

“The acceptability of new technology and innovative products in Qatar is very high. The good thing about Qatar is that as part of its long-term vision and strategy, it has now become one of the smartest countries in the Middle East. The country has readiness and great appetite to adopt new technologies on the fly itself,” said S Rizwan Shah, General Manager of Proz Technologies (Proztec), one of the fast growing IT solutions providers in Doha.

Speaking to The Peninsula, Shah added: “There is no time lag in reaching and adapting any new technologies in Qatar when compared with advanced economies or the origin countries of products. For instance, we recently attended a seminar in the US, and today we are not only talking about the same technology in Qatar but also going to implement it at the same time.”

He noted that the ‘world is becoming more flat and symmetric’ every passing day.  I have no doubt to believe that Qatar is emerging as a hub of innovative technology such as fintech, advanced healthcare and other services as the country has been investing heavily to create all the suitable environment, and providing all the needful support like incubation centres etc.

He also noted that one may ask a question that is the local companies in a position to absorb such cutting-edge technologies, robotic automation and AI (artificial intelligence) etc. “I would say yes. There is a huge appetite for adopting such innovative technologies and products.

“Given Qatar’s high smartphone and Internet penetration coupled with the fastest wireless network, Qatar is rub-shouldering with leading counties in the journey to achieve knowledge-society,” Shah added.

“With the launch of the fifth generation mobile network, the adoption of new technology, automation process, robotic system and digitization (both by government and private entities) will get a major boost.”

He reiterated that Qatar is on the forefront and among advanced countries in terms of acceptability and taking risk with regard to embracing new technology.  “Due to nature of my job I travel extensively and come across many organizations with deep pockets, but they are still hesitant to adopt new technologies.

They say that let others try first and then we will follow. But when it comes to Qatari companies, they are not risk averse. They understand that embracing new technology is inevitable to improving efficiency and remaining competitive in the fast changing market environment.

“You will be amazed to know how advanced the Qatari’s IT market has become. It’s a very favourable environment for companies like ours who are trying to contribute in achieving Qatar’s long-term objectives”, Shah told this newspaper on the sidelines of an event attended by industry leaders.

In the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Proztec recently celebrated an Iftar Dinner with its valuable customers, guests, partners and employees.

Source: Peninsula