Qatar gains 11 points in Most Reputable Countries’ list

Gaining 11 points in comparison with 2016 ranking, Qatar has been ranked at number 42 among most reputable countries of the world.

According to Reputation Institute’s “The World’s Most Reputable Countries — 2018 Country RepTrack”, Qatar has gained 11 points when compared to 2016 report. In 2016, Qatar’s number was 53 with 46.8 score while in 2018 it improved its position to number 42 with 51.5 scores. Qatar was ranked at number 41 in 2017.

The survey was done in 55 largest countries by GDP in March, April 2018 involving 58,000 plus individual ratings.

The 2018 Country RepTrack has indicated a decline in global reputation across countries. “Underlying feelings of geo-political tension, nationalism, and social unrest have resulted in overall reputation decline and support,” the report says. The survey report takes many considerations into account to rank countries primarily divided into three types: Appealing Environment, Advanced Economy and Effective Government.

The ‘appealing environment’ has various considerations like beautiful country, enjoyable country, appealing lifestyle, friendly and welcoming people.

In ‘advanced economy’, high quality products and services; well-known brands; contributor to global culture; technology; well-educated, reliable workforce; and importance given to education are key considerations while through ‘effective government’ the Reputation Institute has evaluated business environment, institutional environment, social and economic policies, international participation, safety, efficient use of public resources, of the countries.

The top 10 countries include Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark and the Netherlands.

On economic impact of country’s reputation, 2018 Country RepTrack says that 1 point increase in country reputation results in 0.9 percent increase in the proportion of tourists per capita while 1 point increase in country reputation results in 0.3 percent increase in export rates. The report further states that the size of country does not guarantee reputation. “The most reputable countries are not the largest countries by area or by population,” it states.

The survey reveals that country narrative is key. “Top countries that communicate a unique story through integrated communications channels earn a strong score on aspects of media and social network attributes. By contrast average countries are weak on the merits media and social network attributes and over 60 percent of respondents are on the fence if they have seen any positive communication regarding the country.”

Source: The Peninsula