Qatar more stronger a year after siege: GCO

As the siege of Qatar is going to enter second year on June 5, the Government Communications Office through a number of tweets posted yesterday and on Thursday, has showed that the attempts of the blockading countries against Qatar in the last one year have failed and Qatar has become more stronger in the face of unjust blockade.

One tweet says that the blockading countries wanted to move Al Udeid military base from Doha. It says that in January 2018, Qatar and the US announced plans to make it permanent.

With hashtags, #QatarMovingForward #QatarStronger, the tweet shares a graphic image which says that Qatar hosts America’s most important military facility in the Middle East, Al Udaid Air Base that hosts 11,000 service men and women and it is a launch pad for attacks against Daesh. It further says that the base will expand in the coming years to increase efficiency and readiness.

Another tweet shared by the GCO yesterday says that despite the illegal blockade, Qatar has strengthened its security partnerships with international allies.

“Despite the illegal blockade, Qatar continues to strengthen security partnerships with international allies. In July 2017, Qatar signed an MoU with the US to combat terrorism financing. In December 2017, Qatar signed a declaration of intent and a common roadmap with France to combat terrorism financing. In January 2018, Qatar signed a security agreement with Nato to consolidate its commitment to global peace and security,” the post adds.

In an earlier tweet shared on Thursday, the GCO wrote: “The blockading countries demand that Al Jazeera is shut down. But it remains open to viewers around the world.”

It adds with a graphic image that Al Jazeera is number 1 Arabic news channel which reaches more than 270 million households in over 140 countries and has more than 70 bureaus around the world, Al Jazeera is an independent platform for freedom of opinion in the Middle East, the tweet added.

In another tweet, the GCO has pointed out illegal moves employed by the blockading countries against Qatar in last one year saying they all failed.

“In the last 12 months, the blockading countries have tried to destabilise Qatar through a series of underhanded actions. But they have not succeeded.”

It adds that over the last year, the blockading countries have hacked QNA and posted fake news; stopped the flow of business and people between GCC countries; violated international law; attempted to manipulate Qatar’s economy; criminalized expressing sympathy with Qatar; incited regime change; but they have not succeeded in their attempts to weaken Qatar.

Source: The Peninsula