Qatar National Library to organise book swap

For the first time in Doha, Qatar National Library’s Children section is inviting kids to swap their old fiction and non-fiction books that they have already read.

Organised for those in the age group of up to 12 years, kids have to register for the swap scheduled to happen on July 13 from 4pm to 7pm. Only a limited number of 150 children can register for the book swap with each child swapping a maximum of five books.

The books can be in any language and across genres including fiction, non-fiction, picture books, graphic novels, easy readers etc. The only condition being that the books must be culturally appropriate and gently used without any rips or bent edges.

In return for the books they donate, each child will be issued a ticket with the details of the books turned in at the library. The ticket will also have the assigned day for the exchange,

Following which the children can select their summer books on July 18 or July 19 from 3pm to 6pm. To ensure a fair exchange, the children will receive the equal number of books and the type of books that they brought in.

The library also brought it to the notice of those registering that the selection of books available is based on the books brought by the participating children in the Book Swap. Therefore, the library can’t guarantee the availability of specific titles or authors. Also, any un-swapped books will be considered as donations to QNL Children’s Library, and the librarians reserve the right to deal with them as they see appropriate.

Source: The Peninsula