Qatar public parks to remain open till late during Ramadan

Public parks will be opened from 3pm to 3am during Ramadan as per the new schedule released by the Doha Municipality.

The Municipality has prepared a massive plan for the operation of its sections to intensify the monitoring food outlets, bakeries, beauty saloons, barber shops, fish, meat and chicken shops to ensure they are complying health rules during month long spiritual event.

As per the plan, technical monitoring section at General Monitoring Department of the Municipality has been assigned to issue temporary permit to charity organisations, hotels and individuals to set up tents for Iftar in coordination with authorities concerned.

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The inspectors will visit to all areas falling under the Municipality as they were instructed to make shops comply the rules. The health monitoring section has also intensified inspection on food outlets, storage facilities specially those obtained temporary licenses to offer fried items and sweets during Ramadan.

As per the plan, intensified inspection drive will focus on shops and storage for sweets, nuts to ensure the safety of the products whose demand surged in those days ahead of Garangao, a traditional festival which is being celebrated in Qatar on 14th day of Ramadan.

In third week of Ramadan, the inspection will be intensified at shops selling fried items and pastries and Ramadan tents offering Iftar to fasting people. In the fourth week, the focus of inspection will be shifted on shops offering fruits and vegetables and butcheries.

Source: The Peninsula