Qatar Ranked Safest Country In The Middle East and 7th Safest In The World

The other countries that ranked above Qatar are Iceland (ranked first and 6.16 score), Switzerland (second, 7.01), Finland (third, 7.04), Portugal (fourth, 7.07), Austria (fifth, 7.08) and Norway (sixth, 7.27). The safety score for countries equally weighs each of the three factors: war and peace, personal security, and natural disaster risk.
The safety score aggregates the indices from these three risks, thus presenting a comprehensive view of safety for each country, implying that a high level of risk in one factor will have limited effect on the country’s overall ranking.

Doha, Qatar, Persian Gulf country

The Director of Population and Social Statistics Department at the Ministry pointed out that Qatar has topped the list of the Middle East and North Africa in the Global Peace Index for the ninth year in a row, and has ranked 30th among 163 countries included in the report of the London Institute for Economics and Peace.

He mentioned that Qatar has maintained its first ranking in the Middle East and North Africa since 2009 and it has also achieved high ranks globally in the same period by achieving high assessment rates that surpassed many developed countries.