Qatar ranks first among Arab countries to support UN Humanitarian Organisations: UN envoy

Doha: UN Secretary General’s Humanitarian envoy Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Muraikhi said that Qatar ranks first among the Arab countries in supporting the United Nations humanitarian organizations, and the most prominent among the countries of the world in providing support to humanitarian and relief organizations.

In an interview with Al-Sharq newspaper, the UN Humanitarian envoy revealed the opening of new offices for humanitarian organizations in Doha, noting that such step indicates Qatar’s deepening relations with the United Nations.

He noted that Qatar has received approvals for a representative of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and a representative of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Doha.

Al Muraikhi said that humanitarian action strategy is summarized in four axes: First, documenting partnerships between the UN and the government sector and civil society organizations, and informing countries how to communicate with UN organizations and implementing projects through these partnerships. Second, make States and non-governmental organizations aware of United Nations agencies working on the ground. Third, developing a vision for the modernization of the policies of United Nations organizations, so as to be largely in line with donors’ concerns and priorities. Fourth, expanding and activating the role of the humanitarian envoy.

On his role in Beirut towards the Syrian refugees, he said that after the 11th meeting of the Syrian donors held in Doha, he proposed that the 12th meeting be held in one of the neighbouring countries of Syria, and Lebanon was chosen. The meeting was held on January 23, with the participation of delegations from 14 countries. It focused on field trips, the situation of the Syrian refugees and their camps. It was a real opportunity to inform the donors about the reality of the refugees’ living conditions and to encourage them to increase grants.

Speaking about the role of Qatar in supporting Syrian refugees and displaced, the Humanitarian Envoy said that Qatar is one of the most prominent supporters of the Syrian people at the official and public levels.

On Qatar’s contribution to Yemen, Al Muraikhi said that through the reports of the United Nations and its affiliated organizations, Qatar has also been one of the biggest supporters of the Yemeni people. Doha has provided many material and in-kind grants, including the construction of hospitals, schools, roads and water systems serving the people. Qatar has also provided UNICEF with $5 million to fight cholera in Yemen.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar