Qatar secures rights to host Arab Ministerial Council as Arab Tourism Capital 2023


Qatar is honoured to host the Arab Ministerial Council, an esteemed gathering that has recognised Qatar as the “Arab Tourism Capital 2023”. The event which will take place on December 13 at Sheraton, will bring together prominent Arab ministers that sought to focus on the key prospects.

Chairman of Qatar Tourism H E Saad bin Ali Al Kharji, said: “We are delighted to host the Arab Ministerial Meeting, which reflects our collective commitment to enhancing cooperation in the Arab tourism sector and Qatar’s dedication to playing a pivotal role in achieving that. We are delighted to celebrate the collective achievements of our Arab countries. We look forward to a successful and impactful event that will further strengthen the bonds of collaboration among our Arab communities and allow a path towards a dynamic and thriving future in the Arab tourism sector.”

“The endorsement by the GCC Supreme Council of the Unified Tourist Visa is a significant step towards realising the vision of the Council in enhancing cooperation and boosting ties among member states. This visa will contribute to strengthening cultural and social exchange among member states, solidifying mutual understanding and collaboration in the field of tourism. It will also positively impact the enhancement of economic ties, and drive development and prosperity in the tourism sector and other areas throughout the region.”

Doha was crowned the “Arab Tourism Capital 2023” after meeting the criteria set by the Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism. This has been achieved as a culmination of Qatar’s efforts following the tremendous success of hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the largest tourism promotion campaign in the country. The event has opened new horizons for leading investment projects in various fields, offering the opportunity to experience Qatar’s hospitality, rich cultural heritage, and authentic Arab traditions. This was made easier through the implementation of the “Hayya” platform, which facilitated visa applications.

The title celebrated Qatar’s outstanding achievements, including its magnificent traditional markets, unique museums, advanced transportation network, luxurious hotels and resorts, and shopping centres, as well as its international award-winning airport and national airline flying to over 160 destinations worldwide. Additionally, Qatar introduced 128 modern meeting and conference facilities.

Since being named the “Arab Tourism Capital 2023,” Qatar has witnessed remarkable growth in its tourism industry, with three million visitors flocking to the country the highest number of international visitors in the past five years.

Qatar has successfully hosted several major international events, including the 2023 Geneva International Motor Show, the GKA Freestyle Kite World Cup Finals Qatar 2023, Expo Doha 2023 (the first international horticultural exhibition in Qatar and the Middle East and North Africa), and Qatar Travel Mart 2023.

Qatar aims to attract six million visitors annually by 2030 and continues to affirm its worthiness of the title “Arab Tourism Capital 2023”.

Source: Peninsula

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