Qatar-Vietnam ties growing: official

The Vietnamese embassy in Doha yesterday marked the 74th anniversary of Vietnam’s National Day (September 2) by holding a community gathering at the mission.
Truong Thi Mai, a senior Vietnamese official who is a politburo member, Party Central Committee (PCC) secretary and head of PCC Commission for Mass Mobilisation, highlighted the achievements of Vietnam in her speech.
She is currently on an official visit of Qatar along with a delegation of Vietnamese officials.
Vietnamese ambassador to Qatar Nguyen Dinh Thao also addressed the gathering.
Talking to members of the Vietnamese community in Qatar, Truong Thi Mai said they were exerting a lot of efforts and doing a good job in Qatar while also considerably contributing to the economy back in their home country.
She noted that relations between Qatar and Vietnam were growing year on year, including at the level of the top leaderships of the two friendly countries.
The number of Vietnamese workers in Qatar has increased in recent years, numbering around 800 across different fields. While the number is still limited, there are efforts to increase it and train more Vietnamese workers to come and work in Qatar.
She noted that Vietnamese workers in Qatar are gaining good work experience and this will enhance their skills and help them transfer their expertise in case they return to their home country. She also pointed out that working conditions in Qatar have been good for the community and the workers provide positive feedback on this.
Truong Thi Mai urged members of the Vietnamese community to exert more efforts and do their best to achieve further success for themselves and the host country.
In the meantime, she felt that there is a wider scope for greater co-operation between Qatar and Vietnam in various fields, which will benefit both the countries and their people.
Ambassador Nguyen Dinh Thao noted the strong friendly relations between the two countries that go back to more than 25 years of active and mutual co-operation and support.
He urged the community members to abide by Qatar’s laws and regulations, be positive and make active contributions to the ongoing development of the country.
He said the Vietnamese community in Qatar enjoys good living conditions and reviews are positive regarding the services available and the work environment. He hoped that further co-operation in related fields would be achieved by the two countries in the near future, which would reflect positively on the lives of the people.
The envoy, along with the embassy officials and community members, gave a warm welcome to the visiting officials and the accompanying delegation.

 Source: Gulf Times