Qatari team coach trusts players to win against Colombia

Qatari team coach trusts players to win against Colombia

Players of Qatar warm up before their Copa America football tournament group match against Colombia at the Cicero Pompeu de Toledo Stadium, also known as Morumbi, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on June 19, 2019. AFP / Nelson Almeida


Sao Paulo:  The Qatari national football team coach Felix Sanchez, confirmed that the team will face difficult test on Thursday in their second game in Copa America against Colombia.

Sanchez said the game will be very difficult on both sides and the team will seek to avoid loss and achieve a positive result to reflect the outstanding performance done in the first game against Paraguay.

“I know that Colombia has won against Argentina (in this tournament) and all of its players are based in Europe and America. This Colombia squad and has strong elements. But my confidence in the players of the Qatar team is great and I am confident that they will perform to their best,” Sanchez said.

“We are trying to impose our ability on the opponents and we play with all strength to get a positive outcome. Most importantly the situation that players will have in the game and their ability to perform and implementation as we have long-term plans.”

Sanchez pointed out that the Qatari team benefited greatly from the first game played against Paraguay, stressing that the players are accustomed to the atmosphere of the tournament and the nature of the South American competition. “They will have 11 players on the pitch so will we,” Sanchez said.

Team captain Hassan Al Haidous said Colombia is considered one of the best teams in the world and is a candidate to be at the top of the group. He added that the team will do their best and try to impose their playing style and achieve a decent result.

He added that the most important is to be in top form and lessen the mistakes to achieve a win. He added that the team has gotten used to the tournament atmosphere and the time difference between Brazil and Doha and there is nothing that keeps the team away from the strongly representing Qatar in this tournament.

Colombia’s coach Carlos Queiroz said Qatar’s game will be tough not as many expect it to be.

Queiroz said he has seen Qatar play many times in the last eight years when he was coaching Iran and sees the Qataris as a team that has evolved a lot and has a young team that deserved to win the last Asian Cup well, so the game will be difficult.

He added that the team won without any loss, and had a good game against Paraguay, as well as against Brazil in the friendly before the tournament. He added that the Qatari will seek a win against Colombia.

He said that his goal is to win the game and qualify to the quarter finals. He warned the players to not underestimate the Qatari team as they may score at anytime during the game.

Source: Peninsula