Qatar’s livestock sector sees huge growth since 2017

The number of animals has reached over 1.75 million heads in Qatar, witnessing remarkable growth during past two year, thanks to the initiatives of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, said a senior official.

The initiatives which were launched under Qatar’s Strategic Food Security Projects 2019-2023 aim at increasing local meat production from existing 18 percent of total demand of the country to 30 percent by 2023.

“The livestock sector of Qatar witnessed substantial growth at all levels from 2017 to 2019,” said Saleh Jarullah Al Marri, Head of the Animal Health Section at the Livestock Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

Speaking at a recent program of Al Rayan TV, Al Marri said that the number of animals in Qatar reached over 1.75 million representing 64 percent sheep, 25 percent goats, nine percent camels and two percent cows.

“There are two types of animal farms in the country — traditional and fully commercial. Traditional farms which produce 98 percent of total animal production. They are run by Qatari citizens individually,” said Al Marri.

He said that the second type of farms are those licensed for commercial activities and they are being run by the companies which have joined the market recently.

“Such farms are contributing only about two percent of total local animal production but they create investment opportunities in animal farming business to increase self-sufficiency of the country in meat production,” said Al Marri.

Strategic Food Security Projects 2019-2023 eyes to increase local production of meat to 21 percent in 2020, 24 percent in 2021 and 28 percent in 2022, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment recently.

The Ministry launched a number of projects and initiatives in collaboration with authorities concerned and private sector to rise local meat production.

Under an ongoing initiative, local animal farms provided over 4,000 sheep to Widam Food Company.

The initiative was launched by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment in collaboration with Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Widam to encourage the local production by providing subsidy.

The move also aims at increasing strategic reserve of animals at local farms to ensure the food security of the country. The project helps provide good return to the farms for their investments and hardworking encouraging them to increase the productions.

Under the initiative, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment provides enough fodders and veterinary services free of cost to the farms.

 Source: Peninsula