QU organises unique activities at Darb Al Saai

Doha: A variety of Qatar University (QU) organised events will continue at Darb Al Saai till December 20. The University features a unique tent for the first time featuring various games and competitions.

QU participates in this annual national celebration in the framework of strengthening its leadership role in society and its keenness to be a fixture in leading community, cultural and intellectual festivals, events and conferences.

QU’s wing in Darb Al Saai provides an opportunity to promote communication with the local community and to showcase the faculty, staff and students that make up QU as scholars, intellectuals, writers and creators with their own distinct qualities.

For the first time, this year’s tent includes a laboratory, where visitors can discover the mysteries of chemistry and practice experiments. The children’s area managed by QU’s educational project Al-Bairaq, will provide electronic, paper and handmade games. The University’s creative department are offering different artistic activities to the public including drawing, calligraphy and handicrafts.

In the spirit of healthy competition, the College of Engineering are providing a nice surprise this year by developing a laser maze. They have also created an augmented reality room and digital zone, which include robots. Another new participant this year is Murooj Qatar, a ‘green’ initiative that will join the QU area to offer agricultural, educational and awareness activities.

QU’s wing at Darb Al Saai has witnessed the participation of a large number of student volunteers, excited to join and help with this year’s festivities. These volunteers reflect the culture of volunteering at QU, who strongly support those who are eager to refine their talents and serve their country.

Source: The Peninsula Qatar