Rain accompanied by thunder and strong wind predicted for weekend


 In its weather forecast for the weekend, Qatar Meteorology Department stated that there will rain accompanied by thunder, strong wind and high sea. The latest satellite images showed development of cloud over country. 

The weather body expects visibility to be poor due to wind and dust today, October 26, 2023, with cloudy skies and scattered rain. It further warned that there are chances of hail storm in some parts. The wind will be Northwesterly-Northeasterly 12-22KT gusting to 40KT during rain. 

Meanwhile on Friday and Saturday, there will be rain in offshore with chance of scattered rain across country and wind will be northwesterly gusting at 5-15KT reaching up to 30KT offshore. 

The temperatures through out the weekend will be at a minimum of 27 degree Celsius and maximum of 34 degree Celsius.

Source: Peninsula

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