Leading-edge technology designed to nurture healthy bodies and minds is being opened up to the Qatari market, through a new partnership between aesthetics, medical and sport equipment distributor Recovery Smart System (RSS) and a global leader in enhancing wellbeing through innovation.
The agreement between RSS – a newly-established Qatar-based company specializing in the distribution of state-of-the-art products for recovery, rehabilitation, and revitalization – and LPG®, which has a 30-year track record of developing, manufacturing and marketing health, beauty, and therapeutic technologies, will give the community in Qatar a pathway to innovative treatments and devices that nourish their lives.

RSS is set to build on its collaboration with LPG® by shortly announcing more partnerships with international providers of aesthetics, medical and sport equipment, reinforcing its position as an emerging local business that supports Qatar’s vision of building a healthier society and empowering people to achieve their full potential.
At a special event at the Shangri-La Hotel in Doha on November 28, the range of hi-tech equipment that will be distributed through the agreement between RSS and LPG® was showcased to medical and sport professionals, physiotherapists, beauticians and other stakeholders. RSS’ management team were joined by Claude Gerin, LPG® Area Manager for Asia and the Middle East, and Jacques Accambray, the French company’s Football Manager, to mark the occasion.

The LPG® products available through its partnership with RSS address a wide spectrum of factors influencing health and wellbeing, including cellular stimulation; strengthening muscles and mobilizing joints; improving posture, balance, and coordination; and treating ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and back problems, as well as a specially-formulated cosmetics line dedicated to helping the anti-aging and slimming process.
RSS will also be responsible for the distribution within Qatar of a dedicated machine for helping footballers return to, and maintain, peak condition, launched by LPG® this year and already used by top European clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

“RSS’ mission is to support therapists in Qatar to enhance the body’s natural capabilities through non-abrasive methods,” said Samira Khodri, Managing Partner for Sales and Marketing, RSS. “Through this, we help athletes to recover from injury more swiftly and elevate their performance, and people from all walks of life to reduce stress and anxiety, stay young in appearance and spirit, and embrace healthier, more active, and more positive lifestyles.
“In advancing this mission, we are delighted to partner with such a well-established, globally-respected, and innovative client as LPG®, which has recognized RSS’ capacity to provide distribution services – including training, maintenance, and support – of the highest quality, and to raise LPG®’s profile, reputation, and customer base in Qatar to new heights. It reflects RSS’ commitment to excellence; a commitment that ensures unparalleled levels of service and satisfaction for our clients, and the provision of products that bring tangible benefit to Qatar’s community.”

Ikram Mechernene, Managing Partner for Business Strategy, RSS, said: “Increasing demand for innovative medical, aesthetics, and sport equipment, combined with Qatar’s forward-thinking outlook and increasingly business-friendly framework, has created an environment in which RSS is maximizing its local market knowledge to bring world-leading technology for a healthier, more positive lifestyle to the nation.

“Our agreement with LPG® illustrates the scope of RSS’ ambition and capabilities, and we expect to soon be in a position to announce further partnerships that will help our clients in Qatar – from medical and sport facilities to salons and spas – to ensure their therapeutic and recovery processes generate more visible results for their customers.”

For more information about the services that RSS can provide, and to enquire about distribution of LPG® equipment, email contact@rss.com.qa, tel +97466434969.