Sadeem joins forces with top Arabic Social Media influencers to combat cyberbullying

The jury members of Sadeem, the digital competition and series offer tips to overcome cyberbullying and promote the value of positive messaging on social media.

Some of the well-known and respected social media influencers in the MENA region are leading a campaign against cyberbullying, to shed light on this important issue and to encourage kindness on social media platforms. This campaign is being led by the jury members of Sadeem, the largest digital competition and series in the Arab world focused on digital content creators and influencers.

The most sought-after digital program – Sadeem – aims to find the best young content creators in the Arab world to drive change in the way people use digital media responsibly. Taking one step ahead, Sadeem has adopted the theme of cyberbullying as a content pillar for its second season with the aim to empower ordinary people to share their stories and to encourage content creators to take a stand against cyberbullying.

As part of Sadeem season 2, well-known influencers on the jury of the competition, including Ascia from Kuwait and DZ Joker Chemsou from Algeria, are taking a lead to try and help young audiences in particular overcome the challenges of cyber-bullying. Each of the jury members is supporting the campaign by speaking out about their deeply moving experiences of cyberbullying and offering advice on how to deal with such issues.

Ascia, who is a highly influential fashion blogger and designer with over 2 million followers on Instagram, said, she fell prey to a lot of bullying about her appearance while she was pregnant with her son Adam. She says: “The worst part is that I wasn’t used to people’s criticism on my appearance, I know that my work relies on style and the way I look, but my work does not include me changing myself for someone else. The most important thing in life, is to be at peace with yourself and not with people.”

On the rampant increase in cyberbullying, DZ Joker Chemsou, said:

“We all have been a witness to cyberbullying in our careers and personal lives, which can be quite depressing. Having said that, we as an industry need to unite, stand against cyberbullying and control the scenario to provide a better future for the next generations. But as they say, change starts at home and first within yourself. You must respect others feelings and reciprocate in a matter, which doesn’t hurt them. Be kind to people and use digital media for a positive message rather than the other way around.”

The campaign against cyberbullying will continue in various formats during the show.

As part of the campaign, the four jury members of Sadeem have recorded a personal video detailing their experiences and highlighted the importance of kindness on social media, which can be viewed https://www.instagram.com/p/Br0BkwkHdZx/

For more information about Sadeem, please visit https://sadeem.com/ar