S’hail showcases Qatar’s heritage

The third edition of S’hail-  Katara International Hunting and Falcon Exhibition 2019 concluded yesterday after making remarkable achievements by attracting more local, Arab and foreign companies and institutions specialised in the field of falcons, hunting tools and supplies.

The third edition of the exhibition has attracted huge public interest, in addition to official visits, where the exhibition succeeded in drawing attention to the heritage of Qatar, highlighting the most important hobbies related to hunting.

Wisdom Square and Katara Hall witnessed the closing of the exhibition with the participation of over 140 local, Arab and foreign companies from 20 countries, making its prominent position on the regional and international maps.

Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara Cultural Village and Chairman of the Organising Committee of the exhibition, said that S’hail 2019 exhibition has been at the forefront of cultural and heritage events hosted by Katara throughout the year, embodying its important role in preserving the Qatari heritage.

The third edition witnessed a huge turnout in addition to high-profile visits.

He said that the exhibition reflected the interest of the Qatari leadership in the revival of heritage and folklore associated with the long tradition of hunting and falcons.

He highlighted the efforts exerted in preserving the authentic heritage hobby, noting that the exhibition was able to meet the different needs of falconry and hunting lovers and falcons from Qatar, the region and the world.

He thanked the organising committee for this great effort and the great work that lasted for five days, which was full of activity and inspiration and continuous work to come out this wonderful picture, and thanked all the partners, supporters and sponsors.

S’hail 2019 was able to book for itself a distinct and leading position in the map of international and international exhibitions specialised in hunting and falcons.

The exhibition was characterised by local, Arab and international participation, The number of pavilions participating in the exhibition reached over 140 pavilions, representing major local companies.

Qatar, Kuwait, Britain and Spain topped the participating countries, represented by a large number of pavilions, providing options and exhibitions that contributed significantly to meet the aspirations and needs of visitors and enable them to discover the latest equipment, weapons and services provided in fishing.

It reflected the cultural, heritage and economic importance of the exhibition, and was able to meet the hopes of exhibitors and visitors to see what is new and innovative in the world of hunting, falcons and trips, highlighting the inherent values ​​of Qatar, and all crafts, arts and sports associated with it. The third edition of S’hail was marked by the addition of the electronic auction, which held a large platform in the heart of the exhibition showcased by 18 birds of the best and most beautiful types of falcons, and was bidding open throughout the days of the exhibition from 9am to 10pm, allowed everyone to participate from through a special code for each participant to write the price.

 Source: Peninsula