Show of solidarity: Ukrainian troupe dedicates performance to Qatar

Show of solidarity: Ukrainian troupe dedicates performance to Qatar

DRESSED in Qatar’s national colours (maroon and white) and waving the Qatari national flag when the dance troupe from Ukraine performed at the Entertainment City in Doha on Saturday evening in a show of solidarity with Qatar and its wise leadership, the audience sprang to its feet in an emotional surge of patriotism.

The performance held as part of Qatar Summer Festival (QSF) was organised by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA). The performers also captivated the audience with their acrobatic displays.
Besides the Ukrainian group, the Georgian Dance Group Kazbegi also entertained the crowd with its remarkable moves. The Georgian Dance Group was brought to Qatar by QTA in association with QSports.

According to QSports Director of Events Sophie Ndiaye, every week they try to introduce a new theme at the Entertainment City with the last week’s theme showcasing Georgian culture.”We chose the Georgian theme because a lot of people from Qatar, including Qataris and expatriates, travel to Georgia.”

Ndiaye added that other important events to be held as part of the QSF include showcasing the African culture and holding basketball tournament for women.