Souq Waqif hikes shisha price to deter smokers

Souq Waqif has increased the price of shisha in the outlets inside the souq to deter people from smoking.

The management took the decision after witnessing a spike in demand for shisha in the cafes and restaurant inside the souq.

The aim of this decision is to reduce the number of smokers and attract more families by offering them healthier and appropriate atmosphere, Souq Waqif said in a statement yesterday.

The management of Souq Waqif also denied increasing the menu price of restaurants, stressing that they are subject to approval by the Souq Waqif management.

Some citizens and residents in Qatar reacted to this news through social media, while some were worried about the health aspects other were suspicious about the motive behind the price hike.

“We do not go to Souq Waqif because of the shisha harmful to our eyes and our health,” a Twitter user, @AlkhulaifiWa, said.

“When we walk in a Souq Waqif there are people blowing smoke in our faces and this is harmful to health,” lamented @Ghada_j24

“I think that Souq Waqif has increased prices to increase profit and does not care about health and safety,” @ALlQTR was cautious in his comments.

“Better to remove shisha not to increase prices,” another user, @salman_alnaemi, said.

Source: The Peninsula