Sports Integrity Summit begins in Doha on Monday

The Doha 2019 Inter-regional Sports Integrity Summit starts on Monday in the presence of a large number of prominent international personalities, specialists and decision-makers in international sports.

Qatar hosts the Inter-regional Sports Integrity Summit for the first time in the region. The summit is organised by the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and Qatar Airways in cooperation with the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA).

The first day’s agenda includes welcoming and opening speeches for the summit and a number of sessions including: Qatar: the host of the first major sport integrity event at the regional level; SIGA: teamwork and the global goal towards integrity in sports; session on integrity in sports on the field; and session on global challenges, approaches and regional cooperation.

The first day will conclude with an official reception and the signing of several cooperation agreements.

On the second day, the summit will discuss a range of themes and issues and will develop a set of decisions that will certainly serve global sport in the fight against corruption. It will also develop solutions and proposals to reduce crimes in the world of sport and will call for cooperation between States to develop appropriate legislation and laws to achieve integrity and transparency.

The summit further aims to shed light on the seriousness of corruption in sport in the region and to develop solutions by encouraging countries to adopt the international standard legislation developed by SIGA. It will also highlight the importance of collective action, and urge the countries of the region to work and adopt integrity and anti-corruption legislation in sport.

 Source: Gulf Times