Stay fit with a 20 minute workout per week in Doha with fit20

fit20 offers an innovative way of achieving real fitness.

It’s a system that suits our ancient DNA as well as our modern busy life. By stimulating the body’s natural (yet now rarely used) ‘flight or fight’ mechanism with short, slow yet high-intensity training (HIT), fit20 is changing lives and health in a uniquely positive way. With just one weekly 20-minute session in a tranquil and private fit20 studio, you will see amazing changes in your strength, fitness and wellbeing – guaranteed!

Having established around 100 successful fit20 studios the last seven years across the fitness-conscious Dutch nation, we are now delighted to introduce the multi-award-winning fit20 brand in our country.

Too busy to spend hours working out?
Want an alternative to the large, noisy gyms?
Prefer to train in peace and privacy?

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