‘Tamim Al Majd’ in Kenya

‘Tamim Al Majd’ in Kenya

The portrait of Emir made by Qatari artist Ahmed al-Maadheed has now become the icon of nationalism in Qatar.

Both citizens and expats are expressing their support to Qatar against the illegal blockade by the four Arab states led by Saudi Arabia by displaying the Tamim Al Majd (Tamim the Glorious) picture on cars, buildings, t-shirts, social media display pictures and even on mobile covers.

Some expats working in Qatar has been displaying Emir’s picture in their home countries to show solidarity with Qatar against the siege.

A Kenyan expat, Ali Mohamed, has taken initiative to put up the popular banner in his home town.

He has put up the ‘Tamim Al Majd’ banner at Westlands in Nairobi, capital city of Kenya.

“We stand with Qatar against the illegal blockade. To show this support I put up the banner in Nairobi,” Mohamed, who works with Qatar Financial Centre, said.

Many people from various parts of the world are uploading photos on social video showing them with picture of Emir or with banner declaring support for Qatar.

Source: The Peninsula