Tourist guidebook shows Qatar’s rich traditions, modern marvels


 Qatar Tourism’s latest guidebook introduces a unique dual-sided exploration of the country, capturing both its vibrant traditions and its modern vision.

Divided into sections such as art and culture, families, food and dining, natural wonders, shopping, and wellness, the guidebook provides a comprehensive view of Qatar’s diverse offerings.

Offering practical insights for travellers, the guide includes day itineraries for city exploration, travel tips, recommendations, pre-departure information, and details about where to visit, what to eat, and upcoming events and festivals. This biannual publication aims to enrich the visitor experience, fostering inspiration and a deeper understanding of Qatar as a destination. The cover page features Zekreet Limestone on one side, showcasing the natural wonders of the west coast located about 90km from central Doha. The limestone formations, shaped by strong winds, present a stunning visual spectacle, offering Instagram-worthy snaps.

The opposite side highlights the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) located at the Corniche, featuring a family exploring the cultural heritage housed within. MIA is home to a heritage library boasting a collection of 21,000 books, including 2,000 rare editions in both Arabic and English.

Exploring the ‘Vibrant Tradition’ segment of the guidebook takes readers on a journey looking into the new generation of curators, chefs, and explorers dedicated to preserving Qatar’s heritage, crafts, and local cuisine. Engaging articles such as “Time Travel at NMoQ,” “Culture of Fun,” “Soul Kitchen,” “Shifting Sands,” “Into the Labyrinth,” and “Timeless Wellness” offer insights for readers and travellers alike.

On the other side, the ‘Modern Vision’ section unfolds narratives of artists, innovators, and athletes actively shaping Qatar’s contemporary culture. Additionally, readers can draw inspiration from Qatar’s youth, discovering the most enjoyable ways to spend a day, from exhilarating experiences like sliding down snow dunes to meeting Qatar’s adorable pandas.

This comprehensive guidebook serves as a valuable resource for tourists seeking to uncover the multifaceted experiences Qatar has to offer. Whether delving into the rich cultural heritage or embarking on a journey that seamlessly weaves together tradition and modernity.

Source: Peninsula

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