Traffic Department announces peak-hour ban on entry of trucks and large buses in Doha


The General Directorate of Traffic announced a ban on trucks and buses with over 25 passengers inside Doha during peak hours and a complete prohibition of entry of these vehicles on February 22 Road. 

“The General Directorate of Traffic, in coordination with the relevant authorities, announces the regulation of traffic for trucks and buses with more than 25 passengers inside the city of Doha,” according to a statement released by the Ministry of Interior. 

It further stated that they can obtain an exception permit to be allowed entry during these hours. However, the department did not specify the peak hours in its statement, nor did it mention how long this ban will apply.

Meanwhile, it also announced a total ban on the movement of trucks and large buses on February 22 Road, during all times, from Mesaimmer and Fereej Al Ali Intersections to Umm Lekhba (Landmark) Interchange heading north both ways. 

In line with the announcement, the Ministry provided a map depicting areas in Doha where the regulation is applied, while urging drivers to adhere to traffic signages. 

The violation of this regulation will result in a penalty of QAR 500. 

Total ban on movement of trucks and large buses on February 22 Road 

Exception permits for trucks and buses with more than 25 passengers can be obtained through the website or the Metrash2 application, by going through the following process and options: (1) Traffic (2) Vehicles (3) Truck permits (4) Submit the application.

Documents needed to apply for an exception permit on the ban includes: letter from the project management specifying the type of permit, work contract with a government body, copy of company’s registration, and copy of valid vehicle registration. 

The regulation is according to the Article (49) of the Traffic Law which specifies that “the Licensing Authority may prohibit or restrict the use of any road or any part thereof for all vehicles or any type thereof.”

“Traffic signs that indicate such prohibition or the mode of driving on the road shall be put in place. No person may drive or allow any vehicle to be driven on a prohibited road, without written permission from the Licensing Authority,” it added.

Source: Peninsula

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