Traffic Department tests drone for traffic control

Soon you might see a drone flying overhead at a busy intersection monitoring traffic. The Traffic Department has been using a drone, on trial basis, to facilitate traffic on busy highways and junctions.
The department announced the trials in a video titled: “Testing of a drone for watching traffic, what’s your opinion?” posted on their official Twitter account.

The video shows a white, blue and yellow drone with traffic department logo parked on the roof of a police vehicle. The officer sitting inside the vehicle controls the drone and directs it towards the busy road. The drone, fitted with a camera, projects an image of the traffic situation to a screen inside the vehicle, giving the officer a clear picture of the intersection.
At present traffic officials monitor roads using cameras installed at signals or by being physically present at intersections to control traffic.

The drone will help capture the image of the roads and intersections from the top and in coordination with units on the ground, it will make managing the traffic easier.
Some people have given their opinion on the drone with most supporting the idea, while a few were against it.

@Lekhwere commented: “Instead of launching traffic control drones, it is better to adjust street planning to get rid of traffic crisis”.
@9zjhDr / Muhammad: “A successful invention and outstanding service, which reduce the work of the security men.
@saty85 / Abu Hudhayfah added: “Excellent idea, please activate it as it will help manage traffic a lot.”
@maldarwish91 / Nasser al Darwish: “Please use these drones to service road positions, because some cars use them as permanent parking.

The Ministry of Interior had showcased many new services using latest technology during the just concluded traffic week, like the cameras in school buses and smart device to impound cars at home.

Source: The Peninsula