Travel With Lov

Name: Meriem Bendriss
DOB: 09 .09.1988
Nationality: French and Moroccan
1) What’s the name of your blog?
Travel with love

 2) Define Blogging?
For me it’s a kind of diary.

3) What genre of blogging do you do?
It’s only on instagram, sharing our travels ( my husband and i, and now our little baby also), some tips about destinations, hotels, itinerary. I love photography and it’s a real pleasure to share our travel pictures. But now, we also share our lifestyle, a little bit of fashion, tips about how to growth a baby and survive pregnancy, parenthood, maternity, and some health advice.

4) Why have you picked this specific genre?
It came naturally. First it was only about sharing some travel photos, we love taking pictures about everything (especially me). When we look back to all our travel pictures we remember every moment and it’s magic. Then people started asking us about our destinations, hotels, and then about our lifestyle. So we share what we want , not everything of course but it’s a real little diary.

5) Can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?
I’m french born and raised but origin from Morocco,  and living in Qatar since 1 year officially ( I was coming to Qatar since 2012 to visit my sister whonis also living here with here family). I am 30 years old now.  New mom of our little sunshine Eya ( 4 months)  . I’m a blogger but first of all a midwife . Actually I have 2 different diplomas : xray technician and master degree in midwifery.  That’s why I’m sharing a lot of health tips on our Instagram.  We love both traveling and we have a REALLY SIMPLE LIFESTYLE.  Like everyone we think nothing special.  But people like this as they can identify themselves and feel comfortable to ask us about ( almost)  everything.Our instagram is mainly directed by me because I have more free time,  but it’s a common account to Ridoine and me,  he is the one who takes most of the pictures,  choosing our destinations, and inspiring a lot of our posts.Our followers are asking about all of this, so it’s more easy to share it in public than to respond one by one. Also, I’m a midwife, new mom, and if my experience could help it’s a pleasure to share it.

6) Describe your blogging style in three words.
Travel- Lifestyle – Fashion

7) What do you think is the best strategy that works well to get more traffic on your page?
To stay real. It’s the most recurrent thing that our followers say they love . Also, being interactive and posting frequently. (Not too much, it can be boring )

8) What does blogging mean to you?
It’s a real pleasure , writing articles and sharing with people is a passion.

9) What inspired you to become a blogger?
It wasn’t a goal actually, but I like writing about many topics( I was in France , an editor for a webmagazine (YABANAT MAGAZINE) and I love interact with people from all around the world.0)

10)Which are the bloggers you look up to?
Since many years there is one blogger that I love so much: Karen Wazen, mom blogger and entrepreneur she is such an inspiring woman.  Also Chiara Ferragni is very inspiring.  For fashion ”sinceryjules” ( Julie Sarinana) , and for travel ” doyoutravel” ( Jack Morris). And of course ” earthyandy” for healthy food and Hawaian lifestyle.

11) What was your greatest failure and what have you learnt from it?
I can say today that my greatest failure is to not be a perfect mom who knows everything all the time since birth.I mean, how many times she was crying and we were looking for the reason ? Especially during the first month. Trying our best to understand her. I use to say to my patients that being parents is learning everyday a little bit about your baby . And I experience it now. She is also learning about me every day. What can be more beautiful than discovering each others ?

 12) How long have you been into blogging?
Since 2013.

13)What part of blogging you think could be difficult to cope up with?
To separate blogging and private life, I mean I use to stop reading messages and comments when I want to enjoy with my family. But it wasn’t so easy in the beginning , I was a little bit addict. Now I have to turn off my phone just to enjoy 100% the present moment. That s the main reason why we share our travel AFTER and not during our trip. How can you really enjoy of you are constantly on your phone and posting …?

14) Do you think as a blogger you can make a change in the lives of the people following you?
Many of our followers are sending DMs saying that we have a such a positive impact on their mood, or giving informative content and it’s the best result for us. Social media can make people feel so good or so bad same time. Our minimalist lifestyle, and simple parents life, with a lot o f positive vibes is very normal and people seem to like it. Remind to always be grateful for everything we have  and stay humble.  But don’t aim to be a model or nothing like that.

15) Can you bring a change or contribute in the well being of the society as a blogger?
If so then how. It’s a big part of my maij job as a midwife and I am currently working on 2 big projects that will be soon launched inchaAllah, here in Qatar and will be very new . I really hope to give support and love but cannot say more about it now . Later 💕

16) Do you think it takes a lot of courage opening up to thousands of people? How does it make you feel?
It s a real pleasure for me  and very normal now but on intagram. O m ver shy and discretion in real life.

17) Does blogging affect your personal life? If so then how do you balance it
yes , of course but now as a wife and a mom I have to balance it. That s why I turn off my phone and don’t look at my account or respond when we have family moments, also while traveling to enjoy more . Its the deal to keep it as a pleasure without regrets.

18) what are the perks of being a blogger?
Interact with people from all around the world. Share positive vibes and have  if possible, a positive impact on others.

19) Mention three traits as a blogger that are needed to build a bond with your followers and consistency of your page 
motivation, honesty, simplicity.

20) How do you look at WUD as a blogger?
Great source of information and motivation.