Two Qatar Foundation schools awarded Eco-Schools Green Flag


Awsaj Academy and Qatar Academy Al Khor are the latest schools under Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education to be awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag – an initiative recognising young people who are dedicated to protecting and preserving the local environment.

The award involves schools committing to a two-year programme and consists of three main elements: the Seven Steps Framework, which includes completing tasks like forming an eco-committee, conducting a sustainability audit, and making an action plan; highlighting the Eco-Schools Themes, such as Biodiversity & Nature, Climate Change, Energy, and Food; and finally, an assessment for the Green Flag.

Lina F. Mouchantaf, Director of Qatar Academy Al Khor (QAK), said: “As a school director, I take immense pride in our students’ remarkable achievements. Their passion and commitment demonstrate that we can seamlessly integrate sustainability into our daily lives.

“Indeed, at QAK, we highlight the importance of students initiating change within themselves and promoting sustainability in their immediate surroundings, thereby nurturing an environmentally conscious society.”

Explaining the significance of the award, Mouchantaf said: “Receiving the Green Flag imposes a greater responsibility on us to extend the values observed in this student group to our entire school and, hopefully, to society as a whole.”

Maurice Al Haddad, Lead Teacher of Awsaj Academy’s Eco-Schools Club, said: “At Awsaj Academy, we have nurtured a culture of environmental consciousness, leaving a lasting impact on our planet for future generations to cherish.

“Our work has been challenging, but the rewards of a greener, brighter future make every step worthwhile. And with this recognition, we are inspired to continue our journey towards a sustainable future.”

Mohammed Al Abdulla, President of Awsaj Academy’s Eco-Schools Club, and a student at Awsaj Academy, said: “The Green Flag award has not only enriched our academic curriculum but has also enhanced our overall educational experience.

“It has exposed us to a wide range of environmental issues, enabling us to develop a deeper understanding of how our actions impact the planet’s interconnected systems. Through workshops, guest speakers, and field trips, we have explored topics such as climate change, conservation, and sustainable development, empowering us to become proactive global citizens.”

Ameera Al Kuwari, another student at Awsaj Academy, shared her perspective, saying: “Being part of the Eco-School programme has not only allowed us to make a positive impact on the environment but has also helped us forge strong bonds within our student body and with the wider community.

“Collaborating on various projects, attending conferences, and participating in environmental events have provided us with unique opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who share our passion for a sustainable future.”

Two other Qatar Foundation (QF) schools, Qatar Academy Doha Primary and Qatar Leadership Academy, have previously honored with the Eco-Schools Green Flag award, making them the first QF schools to be recognized by the programme.

Source: Peninsula

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