UK rolls out ETA scheme, Qatari citizens among first in the world to benefit


Doha, Qatar: As of today, November 15, Qatari citizens will no longer need a visa to enter UK. 

This was announced by the British Embassy in Doha, adding that citizens of Qatar are the ‘first in the world’ to benefit from its new Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA). 

Citizens may apply for an ETA through its website

Based on the information provided on its website, the application fee for an ETA will cost £10 (approximately QAR 45). An approved ETA has a 2 year validity, and Qatari citizens may travel to the UK multiple times during that period. It is also stated that babies and children would need an ETA for travel. 

Citizens can opt for an ETA instead of a visa if the traveller is: 

– travelling to the UK for up to six months for purposes of tourism, visiting family and friends, as well as for business or short-term study. 

– travelling to the UK for up to three months on the Creative Worker Visa concession.

– transiting through the UK (including if you’re not going through UK border control).

The UK made this announcement in June 2022, where Qataris and Gulf Cooperation Council nationals will be able to visit the country without a visa. The ETA scheme is a key part of the UK government’s move to have a fully digital border by the end of 2025.

Source: Peninsula

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