Unique artworks at ‘Infinite Dimensions’

Qatar residents and visitors will have the opportunity to explore for two more days the concept behind the 55 artworks by 19 artists at the ‘Infinite Dimensions’ exhibition, which concludes tomorrow (September 1) at the Doha Fire Station.
Held under the patronage of Qatar Museums Chairperson HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, curator Dr Bahaa Abudaya stressed that this unique exhibition goes beyond the traditional art methodologies and contexts: painting and sculpture.
He said the “idea of the artwork (concept)” becomes the “centerpiece ahead of aesthetic value and techniques, and other traditional elements used in the production of an artwork.” Dr Abudaya cited Egyptian artist Eman Makki’s ‘Printer Up Above the World So High’, saying this installation is considered now as “one of the most unusual in its approach in the local and Arab art scene.”
Makki, also a graphic designer who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar, explores generative art using computer codes and machines. Dr Abudaya said this installation features a small machine, which continuously prints black dots on a white paper roll. The artwork, he added, seemed to be an ordinary printer – a simple idea – but produces 100bn dots, “which is the approximate number of stars in any given galaxy.”
“I am particularly interested in the unseen and inaccessible parts of the universe, which I examine through four lenses: distance, magnitude, quantity, and time,” Makki said in a statement. “Each of these measures involves working with existing data that, despite being readily available to us, is completely abstract and utterly incomprehensible,” the artist added.
“As humans, our brains can only understand space and scale in ways that are familiar to everyday experience, which becomes irrelevant when dealing with the vast scales of the universe,” Makki noted.
Other unique works include Alaa Bata’s (Jordan) Better Luck Next Time, Guillaume Rousere’s (France) Spind Fossil Series, and Mohamed al-Suwaidi’s (Qatar) Fabricated Emergence.
The 15 other artists, who are showcasing their works as part of the 2018-2019 Artist in Residence programme, include Abdulla al-Kuwari (Qatar), Faisal al-Hajri (Qatar), Federica Visani (Italy), Hassan Manasrah (Jordan), Jesse Payne (United States), Lolwa al-Solaiti (Qatar), Maryam al-Ameri (Qatar), Michael Perrone (United States), Nayla al-Mulla (Qatar), Nourbano al-Hejazi (Saudi Arabia), Rouda A al-Khori (Qatar), Sara al-Fadaaq (Qatar), Sarah al-Ansari (Qatar), Shaikha al-Hardan (Qatar), and Sidra Zubairi (Pakistan).
According to QM, ‘Infinite Dimensions’ is presented in three main sections: Tangible Spectrums, The Edge of Thoughts, and Visual Sphere, giving visitors the chance to discover more about local contemporary and conceptual art through the display of a wide range of unusual artworks, art practices and mediums.

 Source: Gulf Times