Violence Against Women

Any man who raises his hand against a woman is a big coward who deserves to be derided and criticized in equal measure.

We women have to raise our voice to bring awareness and help those In need around us by any means we could. Even if this media post could Educate them in any way to even a single person, I believe the change will happen one day inn shaa Allah.

No matter what? And why? NO NO excuse ever is valid for a man physically assaulting a woman whether she’s his partner, a family member, an acquaintance or a complete stranger.

It’s extremely sad to see that Still women around us is fighting for her basic rights and facing all this even at this Day n age.
Some women I know in our society takes this as a norm in their life because they are terrified of the consequences and not to forget the criticism after voicing out by this great society we live in which includes women in big ratio.

I always have mentioned this earlier and will always emphasize over this again n again, that A woman’s role in society is HUGE she don’t just carry a child! she is the one who raises that child into a strong, educated individual that will contribute positively to a society in some way or the other later on. Pls pay keen attention on what you are teaching and showing your kids at home esp BOYS.

Teach them to respect women from a very young age.I firmly believe through the right up bringing and values, we MOTHERS can bring the change in future generation period