Warning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Qatari residents evacuation from Gaza campaign


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned against dealing with any parties or individuals that it does not represent, and stresses that all procedures for evacuating Qatari residency holders from the Gaza Strip are completely free and are based on clear and transparent principles exclusively by the Ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned against some people trying to exploit this difficult humanitarian situation to benefit from it.

The Ministry also confirms that it will reserve its right to take appropriate legal measures against any entities or individuals claiming to be authorized by the State of Qatar or any entity affiliated with it to provide any services.

It also clarified that the evacuation process requires sending the following documents to the e-mail mofa.evreq@mofa.gov.qa, the documents being a copy of a valid passport, a copy of the ID card (valid), a phone number to contact a family member in Doha, a phone number to contact the resident stranded in Gaza.

Source: Peninsula

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