How to wear denim from Ardene

How to wear denim from Ardene

Once I walked into an Ardene shop I knew I had found the home of denim in Doha! Figuring out what to wear with denim is pretty much straightforward as it goes with everything. It is also a classy look in this hot summer months.
Demin can provoke a sense of style inspiration in any woman no matter what your style is. Are you completely into casual and laid back or perfectly put together and polished? Ardene denim tops are your solution!

The bold details in my hijab went well with the blue denim top I also got from Ardene. This look was not only comfortable but classy. In addition, the blue denim top can be worn with any color hijab.

The flowing army green button up denim long top has climbed up to the list of my favourites. I cannot only wear it open with another top inside but can wear it on its own. This top can also act as a stylish cover up giving you a graceful look. You will definitely make a statement if you breeze in anywhere in the long army green denim top from Ardene.

Do not be afraid to pair dark colored denim tops with dark colored trousers. The look goes with a cap to bring out the fun in you! The best thing about these denim tops from Ardene is that fact that they are super affordable! Do not miss out on this look ladies!

Photography: Rajesh Maharjan