Wonder Women of Doha – Polly

WUD New Segment, Our next Wonder Women of Doha is Follow Your Sunshine – a positive mindset and wellbeing blog 💛 a #Resilient woman in Qatar following her sunshine☀️ in conversation with our lovely Zunira Malik.

At one of the most pretty location @primebitesrestaurant

Polly is a renowned #INSPIRATIONAL #BLOGGER who has definitely broken down the barriers of keeping her followers in delusional lifestyle by showing them her real life struggles that she went through #2018.

Hatts off to Polly🙌 for combating against miscarriage and than Thyroid cancer with such great courage, bravery and patience that we all should learn from.

WATCH 👀Polly 💛unfiltered🎬 , listen to her true story and learn how to overcome your toughest battle in life. Watch how amazingly she spread her sunshine on our segment Wonder Women of Doha..

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