Work Shop On Fifa 2022 Begins

A workshop on ‘security command in accordance with human rights principles’ began Wednesday with the participation of a number of officers from the Ministry of the Interior and the Lakhwiya Force.

The workshop is organised by the Security Committee of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy as part of the qualifying plans for national cadres to secure the 2022 FIFA World Cup which will be hosted by Qatar.
The two-day workshop, delivered by Frederick Cox, security training adviser at the Training and Qualifying Unit of the Security Committee, focuses on a number of topics related to human rights and the requirements of FIFA in this context, the concept of security command under national and international charters and legislation and protocols of human rights, the legal frameworks that effectively protect these rights, and the extent to which they affect the work of the police.
Captain Majid al-Qahtani, who oversees the workshop, said that this workshop comes within the framework of preparations for the 2022 World Cup, explaining that the Training and Qualifying Unit of the Security Committee seeks through a variety of workshops to raise the level of performance of officers involved in securing the World Cup in terms of performance, management and handling of all events, with a commitment to the implementation of human rights texts and provisions in general and the recommendations of FIFA in particular.
He noted that the workshop, which is part of the Continuous Development Programme (CPD), addresses, in addition to human rights areas, safety and security aspects, risk assessment and security coverage before, during and after the event, along tactical options that the police can use to achieve security and safety and the implementation of their plans, principles of decision-making and assessment of potential risks and others topics.

Source: Gulf Times