World press hails Qatari media

A number of representatives of international press organisations confirmed the increasing phenomenon of false news and “electronic flies” on social networking sites, and violating the ethics of press work during the Gulf crisis.

The representatives of these organisations considered that the Qatari media succeeded in dealing with the Gulf crisis, in contrast to the siege countries, which have resorted to practices that violate the ethics of the profession and the freedom of the media, valuing the role of the Doha Center for Media Freedom in spreading awareness about these violations and practices of press freedom and its efforts in advocacy and journalists capacity building.

This came during the 67th annual conference of the International Press Institute (IPI) held in Abuja, Nigeria, with the participation of a delegation from Doha Center for Media Freedom, chaired by HE Abdulrahman bin Nasser al-Obaidan, member of the Executive Committee and Acting Director of Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF).

The opening ceremony of the conference was attended by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and representatives of media organisations and human rights organisations working in the field of press freedom and the protection of journalists.

The discussions of the International Conference of the International Press Institute this year focused on a number of topics that concern the quality of the press during crises, the situation of the African media and the prospects for press freedom in light of the democratic and political transition of the African countries.

On the sidelines of the conference, the DCMF delegation held a series of meetings with representatives of the participating media and human rights organisations.

The delegation held a meeting with head of media development at the European Journalism Centre Josh LaPorte, and director of the department of advocacy at the International Press Institute Ravi Prasad, and with President of the Federation of African Journalists Abdelwahid Adisil.

During these meetings, a number of current media issues were discussed, with importance being given to discussing the role played by the media during the Gulf crisis and the siege imposed on Qatar.

The DCMF has been participating in the annual conference of the International Press Institute and contributing to the discussion of media issues related to the protection and safety of journalists.

The conference was an occasion for the DCMF to look forward to further cooperation with the International Press Institute, exchange of visits between the two parties, and coordination of efforts in monitoring violations as well as supporting and promoting journalists’ safety.

Source: Gulf Times