World’s first ‘LaLiga Lounge’ opens in Qatar


La Liga Lounge

The Peninsula

Doha’s first sports themed ‘LaLiga Lounge’ officially opened its doors dedicated for football enthusiasts at Sheraton Grand.

A unique sports fan experience located at the Hotel Park, offering a new and exciting concept to residents and visitors of Qatar.

LaLiga Lounge is situated in Hotel Park, a public family-friendly park situated in the heart of Doha’s bustling business district.

With passion as the mantra of LaLiga Lounge, the sports lounge is offering its guests a sleek, chic and football-themed concept.

During the event while talking to The Peninsula, Saeid Heider, General Manager of Sheraton Grand said: “We are delighted to have world’s first ever LaLiga Lounge in Doha in association with the Spanish league.

LaLiga lounge is going to be a family place. We have kid corners in the lounge. We have a small football play filed for kids. Many people visit Sheraton. Moms can come to the restaurant with kids and hang out for some time. They could have their dinner as their children keep playing.”
“We have capacity of about 250 people. Big TV screens have already been installed to run different items and football matches. We have a very beautiful open area for the restaurant, when the weather becomes better, we will have outdoor sitting area open for families. I believe that people are going to have a lot of fun at the restaurant,” he added.

Telling The Peninsula about his target market, he said: “We welcome all sorts of visitors but we expect more young people. We are going to target school children as it is going to be a fun place to come to. We also intend to bring coaches from LaLiga League to Doha. In better weather we plan to have outdoor football matches. We are also going to invite coaches and players from the League. They will look out for the talent. Perhaps some players from Qatar may be playing for the League in future.”

The Lounge opens in style with a spectacular multicultural food festival ‘LaLiga Festival’ which is brought by Katara Hospitality; celebrating diverse cuisines and football communities around the world starting from September 28 until October 7 at the vibrant Hotel Park just above LaLiga Lounge.

From the moment guests enter the lounge through the player’s tunnel, they can eat and breathe football. Inside they will enjoy comfortable seating areas, unobstructed views of the game from all angles and the two large video walls for optimum viewing. The four private screening rooms with HD screens and conference seating is perfect for a meeting or a VIP experience.

The lounge also features an official league shop, which is the first official merchandise shop for Laliga in Doha. A fan can not only create memories of their favourite games but also collect souvenirs and keepsakes for these memories to last forever.

For young football enthusiasts, LaLiga Lounge has a dedicated space for a good game with fun attractions in a dedicated play area.
\Young fans can also enjoy virtual football matches with play stations and relaxing seating of bean bags or indulge in football practice in the football field for kids set for their interest along with free Wi-Fi.

“I am amazed to see the impressive quality of this lounge in terms of food and decoration. This area makes me feel like I am in Spain, the taste of everything is it gives the visitor the best sense of football. In terms of food the chef is a true magician, as the ingredients are Spanish and the cooking techniques are true Spanish ones as well. This lounge has one wonderful factor it is open for all the family members, mothers can enjoy their tea with friends, whereas, children can enjoy watching and playing around,” Ignacio Escobar, Spanish ambassador to Doha told The Peninsula.

The Lounge menu is a delight with a selection of Spanish-style treats and comfort foods all prepared by our very own “Striker” Chef Juan Ramon Sobero, who works hard to offers his guests a “win” dish. With a diverse menu that includes Mediterranean cuisine with strong Spanish, Oriental and Arabian influences, sports fans can experience home cuisines like Paella Negra with squid black ink, ‘Marak Samak’ Braised Sea Bass and more. Special attention has been given to kids menu to give them an overall football experience with a ‘Little Liga’ menu.

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel is very proud to be hosting the world’s first LaLiga Lounge, owed to Qatar’s premiere position in the world of football and the first Arab country to organise the world Cup to be held in 2022.